Designing Cool T-shirts: COLOR

Color is Everything

Good color could easily mean the difference between creating a favorite t-shirt that's worn until it's worn out, and a dash duster for the family Subaru.

COLORLAB understands that color is the number one attribute that sells a shirt or hoodie. Years of sales data support that assertion. Our colorways tend to sell, and we make the process of choosing pleasing color an easy one.

Beyond fabric color (or ground color), we always consider the complete colorway presented by the print on the shirt. Often we meet customers who are very, very particular about the ink colors they think they want. But simply calling out black or white ink, or even a PMS-Pantone system ink color, doesn't take into account the subtleties that can make or break a great shirt or hoodie. 

Color guidance is a common reason our customers keep coming back for more.