What is your specialty?

COLORLAB is known for helping our customers create great looking garments using our proven processes, and as a direct result of the guidance we provide with every job. 

Who will I be working with while my order is being processed?

You may work with a number of us during your order. Complex art jobs may engage the whole team while reorders may zip through with minimal communication.

Do you print on garments other than those you've vetted?

If you want the soft-hand effect of water-based printing, we recommended using the garments we've curated as they've been thoroughly tested for color stability before and after washing. If you're okay with plastisol, we can print on a wide variety of garments. If we use a garment that we're not familiar with, we can't speak to its shrinkage rate or general durability. It's best to start with low quantities when using untested garments.

I have my own garments, will you print/embroider on them? 

COLORLAB is a full-service embellishment shop. That just means we sell you the whole enchilada, including the garment and embellishment. We don't sell garments without printing nor printing without garments. There are many reasons we adhere to this rule. Here's a big one: when a garment is "blown" during production, we take responsibility to replace it or discount your order. This becomes too challenging a predicament when our customers supply the garments.

I need help with art. Do you offer that service?

Each new print job is reviewed by our seasoned art department to ensure success. We often offer suggestions for improvement as part of our standard service. If you need to have art created, we offer that as well - just ask for a quote.

I'm starting a brand. Do you offer discounts or lower minimums to help me get started?

Our pricing and terms are fair, and we tend to stick to our business rules, including pricing. Any special terms or pricing that we've offered have been given to our longer-term customers exclusively. When discounting does occur, it's often associated with a proven relationship, easy and clear communications, excellent payment history, etc. Basically all the things we don't know about a new customer.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We offer discounts to local schools and fire and police departments. 

What is DTG and why do you use it?

DTG, or direct-to-garment printing, has improved over the years to become a viable printing alternative. The low setup time makes it a natural choice for small quantity runs. The cost per unit remains fairly high compared to screen printing, however. So there's really no such thing as volume pricing with DTG. It's a great way to test a product or to print web orders on demand. Printing on dark garments is especially labor and material intensive with DTG, and COLORLAB does not offer it for that reason.

Are you hiring?

COLORLAB is currently hiring for positions in our screen shop and stock room. Previous screen shop or apparel company experience is a big plus. Part-time initially, with full time potential. This is your foot in the door if you want to become a screen printer eventually. It may lead to other positions as well. Please send us your resumé.